Managing stress and anxiety naturally

Everyone has felt stress and anxiety at some point of their lives and knows how awful it is to get out of it. The stress and anxiety can occur as a response of your body to ANYTHING that disturbs you, your normal life and your daily routine, where ANYTHING means ANYTHING; it could be relationships, general health, natural disasters, and death of loved ones, money, work or even difficult decisions. Quite interestingly, the cause and cure of stress and anxiety lies within you. The best ways to manage stress are simple but important as may affect your life or indulge you into some serious damage like loss of your job, social stigma, low self esteem and other such displeasing circumstances.

While looking for the best ways to combat stress and anxiety, it is important to understand that it is just a state of mind that needs to be diverted or shifted to something more positive and productive. Taking harsh medication to relief stress and anxiety can be full of side effects and addictiveness. Written below are some natural and easiest ways to fight stress and anxiety to have a peaceful life.

stress and anxiety1. Having a break out of the tough stressing schedules of daily routine could help you enormously to avoid stress and anxiety. Divide your day work into short milestones and have a break of 15-20 minutes in between. If you have a pile of toil and if you can afford, spend the weekend elsewhere. These breaks will refresh you to complete the next milestone or work in a much positive and efficient way.

2. Stop competing with yourself. Everyone is unique and has own set of capabilities and mental level. Understand your qualities and never let yourself go into the stage of self depreciation. Think and be positive. Accept your mistakes and keep trying to improve.

3. If you ever feel stress and anxiety since you are alone, instead of thumping yourself, use the time and isolation into something more productive and enjoyable. Like painting, swimming, reading books, listening to your favourite music or even watching your much loved TV show that you have missed for long. Ease yourself to feel relaxed and happy.

4. Regular exercising can tremendously help to fight stress and anxiety. Regular exercising increases your inner strength to handle tough and demanding situations of your life and also relaxes your body and mind. Mild exercising like yoga or meditation can keep you away from negative drip feed and can let you feel more energised and focused. Do not attempt on heavy exercising like weight lifting or tread mill while you are suffering from stress and anxiety as it may increase the blood pressure resulting into more of physical and mental stress. Involving yourself into some kind of light sport like swimming, tennis, squash or badminton could be better to ease the negativity and promote self confidence.

All these natural ways can help to boost your mood and confidence level to make you feel relieved and happy. You can try one or all of these tried and tested methods to conquer over the harrowing conditions of stress and anxiety.

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