How to Cope with Stress at Work

Stress can either be good or bad, and when you are stressed, the level of your emergency hormones rises. This is the reason why your senses sharpen all of a sudden and you feel alerted and vigilant towards your surroundings. This level of stress is quite normal and healthy for you. However, when it becomes too much for you to handle, it is destructive though.

Stress at work is one of the most complained about the kind of tension. Many people are distraught at their working places because of this, and they gradually lose interest in their jobs causing them to decrease their good performance level inadvertently. While you can consider a slight amount of stress at work as normal, excessive pressure and unnecessary anxieties brought by your workplace and the nature of your job itself can have adverse effects to your well-being. Always remember that you will never come to embrace anything which causes too much pain and hassle for you. Learning how to cope with stress at work will get you through everything your job may throw at you.

To battle with extreme stress at work, you need to focus first on what factors might trigger it. Are you always anxious because you are always late at meetings? Do you find yourself severely irritated by the co-worker whom you find so annoying on many levels? Are you awfully nervous whenever your boss is around? Are you juggling three jobs at a time just so you can pay your monthly bills? Do you feel exhausted at the end of every shift? These indicators might come in subtle for you, but these are actually alert signs you should not ignore.

stress at workOnce you are able to detect the possible reasons why you are always plagued by stress at work, find a way to manage them in positive ways. Ask yourself questions and try to provide honest answers for those. Why are you always late at work? Maybe the answer is because you do not know how to manage your time properly. Why are you so annoyed with your co-workers? It might be because you do not make the effort to reach out and get to know them better. Do you really have to keep three jobs in order to handle your finances well? You can move in to a smaller apartment and give up your other unnecessary luxuries instead. Managing your stress at work isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers. It takes conscious efforts on your part to start handling it the right way.

Most people’s pitfall, when it comes to work, is letting their duties pile up in an unending stack. They feel as there are so many things to do, but less time to execute them properly. Stress at work can sometimes root from not being able to prioritise and organise. Therefore, the thumb rule is to classify the tasks properly according to their urgency. If you are given a frog and a bar of chocolate to eat for that day, choose the frog over the chocolate. Once you are done with the frog, nothing comes harder for you. The same thing goes while doing your job. Complete the difficult tasks first before moving on to the easier tasks. That way, you will be able to avoid extreme stress at work because you will no longer have to worry about unfinished businesses.

When you are facing a lot of stress at work due to the competitive environment you are in, look at the competition as a healthy way to boost your growth as a careered person. Bust off pointless tensions and clashes between you and your colleagues by making an effort to know them better after office hours. Spend lunch breaks with them, and avoid discussions about work-related stuffs. Talk about your other hobbies and your families so that you will have a better sense of familiarity with each other. Having a moderate amount of booze occasionally can also ease the stress at work since alcohol is known to relieve anxieties.

Alleviating stress at work is the first step towards better productivity. Keep a positive mindset, and learning to love what you do for living will help you achieve it.

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