Great Techniques for Relieving Stress

We all need to learn some techniques for relieving stress. This is because everyone goes through a stressful period once in a while. Different stress-relief methods work well for different people. Therefore, from all the coping strategies below, start working on each today and eventually settle on the ones which work best for you.

1. Use Relaxation Methods

There are different relaxation methods that you can use for stress relief. These include:

Controlling your breathing – When stressed, the body responds by shallow breathing. Therefore if you are tense, start breathing deeply and calmly and you’ll start feeling more relaxed.

Visualizations – If you are in a tense environment, one of the methods for stress relief is taking some time out and visualizing yourself in a tranquil place.

Aromatherapy – This is the use of botanical extracts or essential oils from herbs, flowers and trees for health and well-being. The aroma that these essential oils produce have a great relaxing effect that is very helpful in relieving stress.

relieving stress-laughterLaughter – Think of something that makes you laugh, go to a jokes website or just hang out with a funny person. Laughter is known to stimulate the brain to release endorphins which are the body’s “feel good” hormones.

Crying: It is okay to cry when you need to, especially after you have received some really sad news. Never believe that holding back your tears will help in stress relief.

2. Relaxing Thoughts

What are your thought patterns? There are some thought patterns that are known to be more stressful than others. Change your thought patterns to more relaxing ones and it will be easier for you to relieve stress. Some of the best thought patterns include:

Looking at every bad situation as a learning experience
Stop overthinking and be more action oriented
Realize that you cannot control everything
Be yourself and stop imitating others
Look at problems as opportunities
Accept the fact that bad things will happen at one time or another
Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

3. Stress Relief Practices

There are some habits that will generally help you to live a more stress free life. Start incorporating these practices in your life since they are tried and proven methods of relieving stress. These include:

Exercising – Decide on a good exercise regimen and stick to it. This can either be exercising daily or at least 3 times a week.

Getting a massage – Once in a while, go to the local spa for a relaxing massage that will help you in relieving stress.

Listening to relaxing music – Music can easily alter moods. Create a habit of listening to relaxing and uplifting music. This will significantly reduce your levels of stress.

Take time-outs – Don’t be an all work and no play person. Take frequent time outs to catch your breath and give your mind some time to relax and re-energize.

Make time for your hobby – We live in a busy world where people are starting to slowly bury their hobbies. Do you love dancing, swimming or playing soccer? Whatever it is, make some time for it. This will give you a sense of fulfillment and is an awesome tool for relieving stress.

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