Are You on A Nearing Burnout? Be Wary for These Signs of Stress

Today, we are living in a fast-paced world. We have to fight constantly for our survival and struggle real hard just so we won’t be left out. Our daily activities almost became a routine for many of us that we haven’t seen this misfortune coming all along. Usually, we fail to recognize its early indicators, and before we know it, we are already at the verge of extreme exhaustion. Stress, no matter how intimidating it sounds for many of us, should be dealt without fear. It is important to identify the signs of stress as early as possible to prevent a terrible burnout from happening.

Before knowing what the signs of stress are, let us first know what “stress” is. Stress is the body’s interpretation of any peril. When your body senses a danger coming, your mind is alerted suddenly, and the brain produces an emergency hormone such as adrenaline. This act provokes the body for either a “flight or fight response”. When stress is too much for your body to handle, it becomes more practical for you to run away from the stressful situation than facing it off.

As we feel that we are often caught in an emergency when stressed out, knowing the signs of stress can be a great help in busting the source of stress altogether. We will classify these symptoms into two different aspects: physiological and behavioural.

signs of stressThe signs of stress under the physiological aspect are easy to detect since they manifest through what a person physically feels. We should start making necessary precautions when our heart suddenly beats faster than usual, when our breath shortens and when we feel muscle spasms. These physical signs of stress mean that our physiological responses to our environment organize our sense of focus and strength prior to making a fight or fight action.

On the other hand, behavioural signs of stress are more complicated to recognize and handle because they involve high mental and emotional processes. We can be totally infested by these signs of stress and just shrug them all off because of our denial mechanism. This shouldn’t be the case though. We should start being extra cautious when the following symptoms apply to us; excessive feelings of anxiety, unable to make important decisions, being too distracted by little things, sudden changes in moods, not being able to sleep and eat, being too alcohol or drug-dependent, severe irritability and bouts of depression.

These signs of stress shouldn’t be taken for granted. They are our body’s means to defend us from extreme exhaustion. If we take immediate action once these signs appear, we can use it to our advantage instead. A lot of situations which we deal with in our everyday life involve handling stress. Stress isn’t a bad thing at all as it keeps our guards up. It has many ways of keeping us alert, vigilant and focused especially in crisis. Once you notice that these signs of stress are already starting to consume you, be wary and fight them all off.

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